The Jaimester

Jaime Strimpopulos has been in the restaurant industry for over 42 years. 

He began his career in the food industry at the age of 12 years old at his Grand Father’s restaurant.

When he got older he moved from Mexico to the United States.

While going to school part-time he managed many Bars and Restaurants in the U.S and in the British Columbia.

He started his first restaurant in 1995 and has continued to make sure that every guest will remember his name. 

With a passion for food and people, he moved to the Caribbean because of its beauty and healing effect on the soul.

He has had 3 restaurants in Playa Del Carmen and Now Jaime’s At The Blue Reef in Mahahual,Costa Maya Mexico. 

Jaime’s At The Blue Reef is the perfect seafood restaurant for relaxation and vacation.

His promise is to make sure that you will take home a smile and new friendship.